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Link roundup 2008-10-16

Don’t mind me–I’m just clearing out my library-related RSS feeds:

I suspect I had more interesting library-related links, but they were probably lost when I accidentally hit the “mark all read” button in Google Reader last week. Oops! (Wish there was an undo button for that.)


  1. you know, in google reader, you can always click “all items” instead of “new items” to see things you accidentally clicked as read. . . i have to do it all the time. it’s on the left on the blue bar above the posts (“show: # new items – all items), and you can pick between the two.

  2. I know, but it’s inconvenient because I read my feeds out of order. So some of the posts that I missed will be way below the ones I’ve already read.

    Don’t mind me; I’m just whining. :)